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Height approx. 12" high.


This sculpture was inspired by Ann's own beautiful Flat Coated Retriever, Ranger. He has a classically moulded head, and it was a joy and a privilege to sculpt him.


"Wow look what arrived today!  It’s absolutely stunning - I am over the moon! You have captured the Flatcoat head perfectly - those beautiful soft loving eyes. Thank you so much Ann.   Valerie


"I am the proud owner of one of these absolutely 'perfect' pieces. 'Perfect' in that Ann has so touchingly brought to life the unique and unmistakeable Flatcoat head, as well as the trademark softness and gentleness that is the soul of this most beloved breed. If 'perfect' is bringing a smile to my face as well as a tear to my eye every time I pass him, then you have indeed achieved perfection. Rosemary Lucas Harden, Canada

Lifesize Flat Coated Retriever Bust

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