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New Venture Announced

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

I am pleased and excited to announce my new ‘Lifestories’ venture. A very personal painting capturing your dog’s life, celebrating your many adventures and achievements together, and capturing his or her own unique personality with an up close and personal portrait as the centerpiece.

This exciting new concept has come about after working closely with several clients recently who have sadly lost their animals but wanted a unique way to remember their time together. I realized that people want to remember the happy times they have shared with these family members and from this, the idea of Lifestories was born.

I am now accepting commissions for ‘Lifestories’ and will work closely with you to understand the special moments you would like captured and the time you enjoyed together.

Please contact me to discuss your very own painting. Each painting will be totally personal and a wonderful way to celebrate and remember your own very special bond.

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