To add to our Working Gundog collection. Our Flat Coated Retriever with Pheasant measures approx. 7" high.  Cold Cast Bronze.


I know many people like to 'pick up' on shoots with their Flat Coats, and love the satisfaction it brings to the dog to fulfil the task of retrieving game which comes naturally to this breed.


As with all our cold cast sculptures, each one is hand cast to order and may vary slightly in finish and colour. 


Easy to care for, just keep polished with a soft cloth, but please remember that your sculpture can be broken if it is dropped or damaged.

Flat Coated Retriever with Pheasant

  • Just polish with a soft cloth now and again.

    For lifesize sculptures that have been out in all weathers, when the sculpture dulls or goes green, we recommend Bison wax polish to bring it up like new.